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What to expect as a Full Out Performer this season

To our dancers and families,

First of all, we want to say that we are forever grateful for the love and support and admire the responsibility you have taken on to keep our community safe. It is extremely difficult to know whether an "in-person" or "virtual" dance class is right for your dancer and family. The challenges that we face leaving our homes, our safe havens, are hard to overcome, when deciding if the enjoyment and importance of an "in-person" dance studio experience is worth the risk. We understand how hard it is to make a "right" decision in this day and age, and we appreciate your cooperation as we navigate through these uncertain times. Your openness and willingness to adapt to the inevitable changes to come, keeps us motivated to make this work  for any child who just wants to DANCE.

Full Out promises to do all that we can to provide a physical, social, and safe activity for our dancers. We want to assure you that we greatly consider everyone's health and safety when making the best decisions for Full Out's future, and because of this we have precautions put in place. 

FACE MASKS are mandatory for all students, teachers,

and parents who come into the studio.

  • Masks must cover both the nose and mouth at all times.

  • We encourage dancers to avoid touching their face, eyes, masks as much as possible. 

  • Students will be given time periodically to take breaks, by putting their face mask under their chin.  

SANITIZING stations are placed at

every entrance and exit of all Full Out studios. 

  • All dancers are required to sanitize/wash their hands before entering the dance floor.

  • Instructors will meet their class at the door to help and manage transitions.

  • Faculty will instruct classes to sanitize periodically throughout class time.

  • All Marley floors, ballet barres, & equipment will be FREQUENTLY CLEANED & SANITIZED before and after classes on a daily basis.

All studios are visibly marked for dancers to

SOCIAL DISTANCE throughout class time.

  • Dancers will be at least 6 feet apart from each other at all times. 

  • All marley floors, ballet barres, & equipment will be FREQUENTLY CLEANED & SANITIZED on a daily basis.

All dancers are to bring the following SUPPLY list to every class:

  • Personal (mini) hand sanitizer

  • Hand towel for excessive sweating and to place under hand when working at the ballet barre

  • Personal yoga mat for any tumble/acro/yoga classes

  • Face mask

  • Water bottle

PARENT DROP OFF remains in the front of the dance studio 

  • The studio lobby will remain closed to all observers

  • If you need to come in to pay your dancer's bill, please call and schedule a time to come into the studio to meet with our office administrator.

PARENT PICK UP now occurs in the back of the main studio building.

  • Please make a single file car line on the RIGHT side of the road.

  • Follow parking lot north of studio, behind Phoenix Children’s Academy - proceed to the back, and follow until you reach the first door on the left (main studio).

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